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Thanks to the incredible Net Return™ Home Series Net, you can now play and practice any time you want to... all in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Perfect to enjoy indoors or outdoors, the Net Return™ Home Series Net allows you to safely practice with a confident and FULL swing just like you would out on the course. 

Best of all, there’s no more digging out your ball from the back of the net because the Net Return™ Home Series Net is the ONLY net in the world that automatically returns the ball right back to your feet after every shot. 

And when combined with alignment sticks or the incredible SkyTrak Golf simulator it even lets you know if your shot was hooked, sliced or nailed right down the middle!

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Here's Why The Golfing World Is BUZZING About The Net Return™ Home Series...

  •  Confidently hit all the clubs in your bag from the comfort and privacy of your lounge room, garage, back yard or verandah
  • Get greater consistency, and improve your hand/eye coordination with daily practice without the getting to the driving range
  • Quickly and easily improve your swing and hand/eye coordination from home without expensive driving range fees
  •  Push-button simple to assemble without any tools. Get set up and pack away anywhere in less than 5 mins
  •  Near silent. The only sound your neighbours (or loved ones!) will hear is the ball being struck because the unique woven thread material silently absorbs the impact of the ball, before gently returning it back to your feet
  •  Designed and built for PROS to LAST! With a 250,000 shot guarantee, you can be sure your PRO Net Return™ Home Golf trainer will handle anything you throw at it
  •  The perfect golf bay set-up for all simulators and training aids
  • Also perfect for ball sports other than Golf including Soccer, Aussie Rules, Baseball, Softball and even field goal practice for Rugby League and Rugby Union kickers. There's no more chasing after balls on the field yourself because the Net Return™ Home Trainer returns any ball right back to you every time!


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How Strong Is The The Net Return™ Golf Practice Net?

Justin James, The World Long Drive Champion (2017) uses and gladly endorses The Net Return™ Home Golf Trainer.

Justin has had his net for over two years now and regularly sends blistering 365km/h drives into our nets.

This just goes to show how much punishment The Net Return™ Home Golf Trainer can take... even from elite golfers like Justin. 

Quick & Easy Assembly


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