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We are the Exclusive Distributors of The Net Return for Australia and New Zealand.

We are also Official Resellers for Skytrak launch monitors / Golf simulator for Australia and New Zealand.

Our love of sports here in Australia is missing practical ways to utilise our living room, backyard, drive ways, parks and sporting venues to play and practise our favourite ball sports.

With The Net Return quick click system, setting up only takes less than 5 minutes with no tools required. Now you can practise Golf, Soccer, Hockey, Football and Lacrosse anywhere.

Save time and frustration by not having to retreive your ball. Now you have more efficient play and practise time with each ball the net returns automatically to you.

The Net Return compliments all your launch monitors like TrackMan, Skytrak, Mevo+, GC Quad, Flight Scope and many more. 

Now you can play and practice anywhere all year round. Please give us a call to discuss how we can help you regardless at what stage of interest you are at.

See how we started from Healthy Drive to The Net Return Australia the past 20 years to create a future with fun physical activity at home for the whole family and the whole nation one household at a time.

The story behind The Net Return

The Net Return was designed and created by twin brothers Matt & Paul Crawley.
First and foremost, quality was a high priority throughout the entire process. They moved from a PVC frame design, to steel (too heavy) and ultimately to what compromises the frame today – tubular aluminium.

Significant changes have also been made to the netting, transitioning away from traditional nylon used in most today’s sport nets to heavyweight polyester. This change provides significant benefits in strength, durability, UV protection and safety.

After thousands of hours testings, the product with training facilities, colleges and universities, professional sport teams, parents and athletes – rapid setup and breakdown also became a priority. This feedback led to the development of the Push Button “Quick Colour Connect System”. The simple matching of tube colours allows a single individual to setup (or breakdown) a Pro Series training net in under 5 minutes. We later added a duffle bag for ease of transport and storage.