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Projector display in 4:3 on a 1080P display with The Net Return screens

If you just want Sky Trak game to display in 4:3 on a 1080P display. Since the game does not let you specify a specific full screen resolution we found this method to force it into 4:3 aspect ratio. I would recommend you do this while actually in the game itself and not the menus as the game HUD/info seems to be cropped/trimmed as you resize the window.

  1.  Launch SkyTrak and press Alt+Enter.
  2. Drag/resize the SkyTrak game window in an approximate 4:3 square shape

3.Press Alt+Enter again to full screen SkyTrak which should now keep the aspect ratio previously set.




If you want to have all windows applications to be forced to a 4:3 resolution (not ideal if connecting a second 1080P monitor/TV)


  1. We used Custom Resolution Utility by Toastyx (1.4.2) to add a custom 4:3 resolution. (
  2. Once installed we used it to set a resolution of 1400x1050.


 Hope this helps.

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