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Unlock Your Golf Potential with Innovative Golf Simulators and Accessories ! Financing Available Here !




Country Club Elite® by Real Feel Golf Mats® 1.5m x 1.5m



The Same Golf Mat The Pros Use™ 

All tee up mats may look the same but when you stand on and hit off a Real Feel Country Club Elite mat there's no comparison in quality.MADE IN THE USA by Real Feel Golf.

Finally, A Golf Mat that Lets You Swing ‘Down-and-Through’ with True Divot Action® For Realistic Practice – And It Even Takes A Real Tee!

Complete your ‘golf space’ and improve your game and by practicing on your New Country Club Elite® Golf Mat All year long – in your own backyard, garage, (golf)shed, or basement.

5-Star Reviews by Verified Customers:

“Best quality and most realistic mats on the market. (More expensive than other types, but worth it.) Feels like hitting off of a perfect lie, and it buffers the impact of the bounce. That makes hitting a lot of practice balls very easy on your body’s joints.” – Kent D.  12-26-2020

“I have been using the Country Club Elite Mats now for nearly three years in my indoor teaching studio. In my opinion, these mats are the best on the market today. Their performance is outstanding. Golfers may complain about having to hit off other inferior mats, but I never get complaints about the Country Club Elite Mats. When golfers hit fat shots, the club digs into the mat instead of bouncing off the mat (just as a club would dig into the ground outside) and my TrackMan launch monitor shows a loss of distance. The surface is so good that they are ideal for both hitting full iron shots as well as short pitches and chips.” – Mark Polich, Mark Polich Golf  03-02-2020

Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats®’ Long-Dense-Fibre-System solves the “fat shot problem” most mats have. The Long Dense Fibre System approximates the feel of a lush fairway. If you hit down on the ball properly the club passes freely allowing you to Swing Down and Through® the top fibres of the mat with True Divot Action®.

However, you will feel the difference on a “fat shot” because if you go to deep the Long-Dense-Fibre-System will slow the club head down as if you’ve taken a deep divot or “chunked” a shot.

Because the fibres are so long and dense they absorb and dissipate the blow for immediate and realistic feedback at the point of impact AND ELIMINATES THE PROBLEMATIC “BOUNCE” OF MOST MATS.

The Country Club Elite’s® Long Dense Fibre System is specifically designed to absorb the blow of a golf-shot as true fairway would providing the most realistic feel that a synthetic turf golf mat can.

With a typical golf mat the club would “bounce” on the mat for an unnatural feel and false results. Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat® is made from unique “spring-set” grass like fibres that move, absorb, and dissipate the downward blow of a golf-shot simulating the feel of taking a divot.

Since the Fibre system is so long it actually lets you Swing down and through® the ball so you can practice proper “Ball-Turf” impact which dictates the quality of a golf shot – Better practice means better results.

Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats® give you a true feel so that you know if you have struck the ball fat, thin, or just right.

This is a brand new and revolutionary design for a golf mat. The unique Long Dense Fibre System incorporates spring-set heavy denier mono-filament grass fibres packed in so tightly that it can even hold a real wooden tee. The Long Dense Fibre is bonded to 5/8″ thick polyethylene foam using a specially engineered urethane stabilising layer. The foam is designed to for added dimensional stability (As opposed to just using the turf itself). 

The secret of Country Club Elite® Golf Mat is the combination of these three components resulting in the best golf mat available anywhere. When The Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat® is struck during a golf-shot the fibres will absorb and dissipate the blow as if taking a divot. However, if you hit a “fat” shot the fibres will duplicate the resistance you would feel “chunking” some real sod.

Sizing : 1.5m Length  x 1.5m Width x 44mm height ( grass pile and foam pad)

Weight : 20Kgs


Todd Kolb reviews the Country Club Elite by Real Feel mats


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
He Zhang
Country Club Elite mat

Thanks for your great service! The mat is excellent too, far better than my $100 cheap one!!

Glenn Pollock
Golf mat

Thanks again HT. Mats great, exactly what I was after. Delivered on time. Perfect.

Chris Tuohy
Great mat that does the job.

The Net Return Australia continue to deliver on great customer service. This is my first mat so don't have much to compare. It is heavy duty and big enough for driver. It seems well made and performs as advertised.

Thank you Chris, thank you for your patience when we worked out the logistics to replace the mat for you.

HT and The Net Return Australia

CCE is the real deal

After speaking back and fourth to HT re what mat to go for, I went with the CCE. After using it for over a month now, it feels great on the joints, provides real feedback, can take a tee no problems and is light enough for me to move it when not in use!
Thanks again! Will be doing further business here in the future!

Awesome Tristan and thank you for your feedback on the mat. Really glad we got to speak and worked out the right one for your need. Happy golfing!

HT and The Net Return Australia

Country Club Elite really is elite

I purchased by the SkyTrak Launch Monitor (the whole bundle actually) and Country Club Elite mat, but initially I was only intending on purchasing the monitor. However, when first making a phone enquiry to Net Return, HT convinced me that I really needed a proper mat too (rather than hitting it off a thin strip of grass matting on a concrete floor in the garage). I’ve never driven a Ferrari but that’s what I imagine the Country Club Elite mat is like after driving around in my old Mazda. I’m 65 and get around on wobbly pins but lining one up on the mat feels just like you’re standing on a spongy green. I got some of those plastic tees as part of the package too but you can use your on tees on it as well. Bottom line … the second coming is more likely than my swing improving, but at least I’m now more comfortable duffing ‘em.

I'm glad we had the phone call to discuss about the mats suitable for your need Greg.
Thank you very much for your honest feedback and the senior golfers out there will be very appreciative of your comments when looking for a mat.
There's plenty of more golfing days ahead now that you are saving your joints by investing in the superior quality mat.

Thank you
HT and The Net Return Australia team