SkyTrak Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator Unit

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What's Included:
1. SkyTrak Launch Monitor
2. USB Cable
3. USB Splitter Cable
4. Quick Start Guide
5. Product Information Guide
6. SkyTrak AppVirtual Driving Range

The Best Indoor performing Simulator by Golf Digest.

Simply the best home indoorgolf launch monitoron the market as voted by Golf Digest.

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The Net Return stands for superior service, superior quality and unrivalled ‘after-sales’ service to ensure you receive 100% satisfaction from your purchase.

The Net Return stands for superior service, superior quality and unrivalled ‘after-sales’ service to ensure you receive 100% satisfaction from your purchase.

The SkyTrak Launch Monitor is designed with the golf consumer in mind.

SkyTrak enables you to have your own practice range at home, hit at simulated targets, play challenges, participate in games and enjoy your practice time much more than ever before!

The most important difference in SkyTrak is its revolutionary technology to provide the accuracy and reliability of a commercial quality system, at a fraction of the price. Now you can play and practise all year round 24-7 golf at the comfort of your own space.

* Skytrak Bundle consists of 

1. New Skytrak launch monitor

2. Official authorised metal protective case from Skytrak USA.Check for more information on the product compare to others model on the market.

3. Game Improvement Plan 12mths subscription software

4. Daiya ( Diamond) Tomahawk golf tees (featured on Golf Channel Show)

Please note your Skytrak monitor comes with a USA adaptor which you don’t need to use it, instead just use an Australian standard USB charger plug which works with the cable included in the box. 

In the meantime we are readily contactable to help answer any questions for your  golf bay set up.

**We strongly suggest before you commit to any purchase Please do your homework and check out the shipping and tax costs, sellers, facebook, instagram, call them etc. Especially during Covid times we treat your money and energy with respect to help with your purchase and user experience.

 Skytrak featured with The Net Return nets and Hank Haney ( PGA coach of the year and former instructor to Tiger Woods)

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Daniel Derek Davidson

Dear All at "The Net Return", first of all let me say that your service (by Mr HT) was excellent and that in no way I consider "The Net Return" to blame for the problems I am encountering with the SkyTrak I purchased from you. I was going to write to you about it, but I waited until the "Game Improvement Package" was installed . I did so yesterday and the problems still persist. Here they are: reading of distance, apex, direction and (I think) speed are wrong. With the device properly levelled and aligned and set at proper elevation to the mat, and with the ball on the red laser dot, at a driving range (where all yardage boards were double-checked by an accurate range finder of mine) the SkyTrak readings were not in line with reality. When the distance shot was within 100 yards, the ST reading was fairly accurate, but form 110 yards over they were not. Eg.: 8-iron, 150 yard (carry) 162 (total), straight as an arrow, apex fairly high (say 30 yards), the reading was 123 yards with an apex of 18 yards. I could give many other similar examples, however it is a constant problem, rendering the device almost useless (because I find it unreliable). If you have any suggestions on how to solve the problems, please let me know. Plus, I would like to know where the red dot has to be when hitting with a driver (on the base of the tee? On the tip of the tee? On the centre of the ball?). Thank you. Regards, Daniel

Mark Ussher
Great Service

Really happy with the product but HT made the whole experience exceptional. Following up and responding within minutes. If all companies operated like this life would be a whole lot easier!

Hi Mark,
Too kind with your words, just trying help when I can and best we can otherwise we'll still follow up with Skytrak USA to make sure things are working for your set up.

Many thanks again.

HT and The Net Return Australia team

Michael Corbitt

Purchased Skytrak 2 weeks ago.Excellent product for the cost.HT was very helpful in providing info regarding registration.All sorted out quickly.Working slowly through the game improvement plan which is great!

Many thanks Michael. Great to chat with you along the way to get your set up for you need.

HT and The Net Return Australia team

X Zhang
Great product, best service

Purchased the SkyTrak a few days ago. I played and improved my golf skills every day. It brought me a lot of fun. Apart from the product, the customer service of the Net Return is one of the best I have ever experienced. They have resolved all my enquiries after I purchased the product. I never feel any nervous when I meet any issue after purchasing from them. I will definitely be back to buy more golf products to build my indoor golf space.

Thank you Zhang for taking time to give your feedback and thanks for the referral as well.
Please reach out as you need, we are here to help.

The Net Return Australia team

Enrique Franco
Great device

Purchased Skytrak launch monitor and game improvement plan, It took me some time to understand how to align the device, really painful without any help.
Thankfully, I found an American website explaining it by following six steps, since then, the ball flight make more sense but still trying to working out the driver, the distance and dispersion are awkward.
I have no complaints at all, except for the driver, the SkytraK is fantastic, and am in love with the game improvement package. I have been tuning my club's gap and the summary outcome from Skytrak is phenomenal.
I downloaded E6 and played it a few times, in my opinion, I don't see myself playing too much E6, I prefer the game improvement package because I love the practice sessions.
If you have some spare cash, don't hesitate and pull the trigger, since I bought it, I have been training min 2 hours daily and I can see good results, the dispersion has been reduced and the power consistency has increased. Therefore, I don't need to go to the driving range anymore, more time at home, win-win for me.
Lastly, I set it up in the garage, which is very convenient TBH. It doesn't require too much room, I bought a net, the floor mat and that's it. Simple, and of course a couple of beers after my sessions with the wife.

Thank you for the review and feedback Enrique, much appreciated.
There are some great practise options in the Game Improvement Plan, feel free to call us to guide through if you get stuck.
Great work to have your wife enjoying the set up with you at home, happy wife = happy life.

The Net Return Australia team