SKYTRAK Virtual GOLF Simulator Launch Monitor

Have all the data and technology of the big expensive launch monitors at just a fraction of the cost. Fully portable and easy set up and use anywhere to capture your ball flight, spin rates, distances and shot plotting to name a few. The features you find with expensive Trackman  features now comes in an affordable price tag with Skytrak Golf launch monitor.

Collect and save your bag mapping with each club's data to measure your progress towards your golfing improvement outcomes. If you don't assess then you are just guessing.

Then take your game to the course with the world's best golf courses virtually like St Andrews, Pebble Beach, Augusta National to name a few by subscribing or purchasing Golf softwares offered by top Virtual Gaming companies to compliment your Skytrak unit in the comfort of your own home through the iPad and PC allowing game play projecting onto your wide screen TV and Projector Screen. *Software subscriptions available via 

Used by some of the top teaching professionals and golf academies around the world, now you can have Skytrak as your own personal launch monitor like them.

We are one of the two partnered Resellers for Skytrak simulation launch monitors in Australia and New Zealand. Our aim is to provide great play and practise experiences for the consumers with our Nets and simulator set ups.



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