Greenjoy Greenlush 3D Tiered layer Driving Range Golf Mat

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Achieve a premium feel on your driving range with the Greenjoy Golf Greenlush 3D Square Driving Range Mat. This mat comes with eight pre-drilled tee holes so you can maximise the lifespan of the mat and accommodate both left and right handed golfers.


  • Dimensions: Length 150cm x  Width 150cm x  thickness 50mm
  • Shock absorbing layer to reduce golfer fatigue
  • Easier on wrists and shoulders through impact 
  • Nylon blend synthetic turf directions fibres 
  • Foam base to prevent mat slipping, good on smooth surfaces
  • 8x pre-drilled tee holes to insert Rubber tees ( not included)
  • Accommodates both left and right handed golfers
  • Shipping weight 21kg 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Happy Days

After buying a cheap and nasty net I realized my mistake and purchased the Net Return home net best decision I have made for a long time, now my cheap and nasty mat just did not fit the picture. The Greenlush mat has now made the total experience a total joy. The difference that a quality matt has made is amazing making ball-striking as realistic as playing on the lushest fairways you could find. The service from the Net Return team was fantastic interstate delivery of all of my purchases was prompt even in these Covid times. Loving all the products I have received from the Net Return great quality, a job well done, highly recommended.

Thank you Robert and glad you are happy with the products and service after three separate orders from you.
We do our best to use better shipping couriers to deliver, who may not be cheaper but to get to the customers sooner is important especially during these lockdown times.

The Net Return Australia team

Tony Miller
So far; excellent

I just finished building my own “5 Star ⭐️ “ golf cage and the Greenlush mat seems an excellent product. It’s very heavy so it certainly has some substance to it. I bought it specifically as I am one of us us who do not have that near perfect impact each time they swing a club. Unfortunately that desired outcome of great contact of club and ball is rare……damn it. It’s very early days but it appears to be probably the best mat to help preserve the wrists and elbows from repetitive stress incurred due to the huge variety of rather common mis hits The ordering and delivery was conducted within a week without any issues. So far so good. Now to use this baby.

Thank you Tony for your review and feedback. We use this mat at the warehouse also especially on concrete it's good cushioning. Most driving ranges facilities carry these mats and it is great you can flatten or brush the grass pile to suit the lie.
Enjoy !

The Net Return Australia team

Greenjoy Greenlush in days

The team at Net Return are so good at communicating. They got my hitting mat delivered to me within a couple of days even during COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria.
The hitting mat itself is incredible. It feels like what I imagine hitting from fairways is like. I wouldn't know because Im out of the rough.