Real Feel - Country Club Elite strike turf mat section ( 150cm L x 50cm W x 4cm H)

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 REAL FEEL - Country Club Elite strike mat section.

This a portable mat which is a section of the regular size Real Feel - Country Club Elite model mat.  The quality is among the top three grass turf fibres in the USA use by PGA professionals, Golf clubs and driving ranges.

size 150cm L x 50cm  W x 4.5cm depth. 

 weight 7 kg 


NOTE: This mat isn't designed to be stand on and hit off same time as it's not wide or long enough to do both options at the same time.

It is a section that can be added to your existing mat and  hit off this Real Feel mat. You can also recess this section into your simulator floor space as the hitting surface.

You can also place this mat between two range mats so it's acts as the hitting section for both right and left handed golfers.

Save you wrists and joints, strike with the best mat and get the Real Feel of a golf swing through impact of the ball and turf. 


Give us a call if you need help with your floor space mat placement.

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Customer service

Great customer service. Quick to respond to my query. Love their products.

The Best

I initially went the cheap route for a hitting mat and regretted it. This is a top notch mat great feel and has reduced the number of misreads on my skytrack. Highly recommend.