Tee Up Golf Range Turf Mat

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Home Tee Up driving range mat

(Exact mat as Sim Master / Premium mat and Tee Turf Line Driving range mat)

The Home Tee Up range mat is one of the popular mats for simulator set ups and used on hard surfaces to give cushioning through impact and give the feel of taking divots which has improved to the standard of the other top mats on the market.

Comes in a fraction less the our Premium Tee Up mat with the same tee up feature as the Augusta and Real Feel Turf mat on the market. Great as a budget entry level mat for home set up.

  • Dimension 1.5m length x 1.5m width 
  • 35mm dense polypropylene grass yarn allows golfers to use their own tees
  • High-resilience, 10mm EVA foam rubber base provides excellent feedback and stability
  • 4 pre-drilled tee holes for use with rubber tees
  • use real tees 
  • excellent grip for your stance
  • lush and dense fibres
  • improved on the cushioning and fibres against other mats and better price.
  • Gives the real feel turf affect through your swing.
  • Perfect for home use with your own tees
  • made in China

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gary Marsh
Tee up golf mat

It’s my first mat, so can’t compare with anything else(other than overused golf ranges ones).
Good feel on ball contact, no hard jarring or vibration through the club on turf impact….


Perfect for my sim set-up in the back yard


A little frayed on a couple of edges

Loose edges

The Mat is good but has some loose edges falling off

Excellent products

Home Tee Up Golf Range Turf Mat was purchased with the Home Net Return V2 and it’s working out well. I had a lengthy conversation with John about the product range and the suggested products are excellent. Order was dispatched very quickly and efficiently. Would recommend.