Garmin Approach R10 Launch Monitor

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Small and easy to move from home to the driving range, Approach R10 is the portable launch monitor that brings the course to you.


Work to improve your shot consistency by tracking metrics such as club head speed, ball speed, spin, launch angle, launch direction, smash factor and more.


See and analyse your own swing with video clips that feature your real stats overlaid on each shot.


You and up to three other golfers can likely play your own home course or even a course you’re going to play on your next trip with virtual rounds2 for more than 43,000 worldwide courses.

We have added the Garmin Approach R10 to our line to help golfer with a budget conscience for launch monitor and simulator yet giving them more bang for their buck.

So portable like the size of a mobile phone with tripod to quickly set up and aligned your stance and ball position to your driving range, golf net or simulator bay and you are set for a great play and practice experience for just a few hundred dollars.

  • So portable, it fits in your hand
  • more than a dozen golf metrics to help measure and improve your game
  • detailed dispersion chart to measure your shot placements
  • record video clips of each shot to track and review your golf swing movement
  • virtual rounds of golf lets you play golf courses in the comfort of your space
  • up to 10 hours of battery life means you can take it anywhere

Customer Reviews

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Paul Smith
Great bit of gear!

It supplies all the information I want to improve my game. Mainly club speed, impact, spin and direction of the shot. Also if I’m increasing my distance. If the metre/yards aren’t 100% correct it doesn’t bother me as at least I know I’m improving my driving distance when adjusting my swing.

Paul Hodgson
Perfect for what I needed

I’ve just had a lesson and complete swing overhaul and hitting into a net is ok but with this little beauty the feedback is so helpful and makes practice way more fun I’d recommend it for sure


Unfortunately, I have taken this to the range, and the results are miles off.
When I hit a ball and the actual result is 10-15m left, the R10 often tells me I have hit the ball 26-35m right. This makes it unworkable for home and at the range as there is no trust in the device.

Nick Brooks
Garmin R10 Distance Issues

I bought a Garmin R10 from Net Return. Great service from these guys and super fast delivery to NZ. Have set it up inside a warehouse at work and have hit over 500 balls so far. I do actually really like the device as it does give lots of really useful data that is helping me change my swing path. However, indoors the distance it records for my shots is consistently 20%+ lower than what it records for the same shots when used outside. ie I usually hit a 7 iron 145m...but indoors R10 only says I average around 110m. Have had a good chat via video call to the NR team. have tried implementing numerous changes to my indoor set up, but alas the distance results are still poor. I'm going to persevere with it for another week and keep trying various changes to my indoor set up till now it does not record the correct swing speed or total distance indoors. Outdoors it's great...but I didn't buy it for outdoor use!!


Great product, cost effective, and excellent service from The Net Return